Our Bed and Breakfast overlooks one of the main city squares of Palermo: Piazza Marina It lies in Kalsa district and in the city square the B&B is named after there is Villa Garibaldi a 19th century building designed by Filippo Basile, here there are also numerous and massive historical buildings such as palazzo Chiaramonte aka Steri, palazzo Fatta, palazzo Mirto, the church of San Giovanni dei Napoletani, Libero theatre, palazzo Galletti of San Cataldo, the church of Santa Maria della Catena and the baroque Garraffo fountain.
It is the heart and soul of the city just a few steps away from the main historical and artistic attractions you can see in Palermo. Our guests can easily visit the old town on foot admiring the most impressive spots and enjoying the atmosphere and the tastes that survived over the centuries.
After you have tried all the traditional tasty specialties of Palermo cuisine in the numerous restaurants and pubs near Piazza Marina B&B, you can walk along the streets full of typical bars that liven up local nightlife.
Piazza Marina Bed and Breakfast has carefully furnished rooms. Every room is projected and made with a special style that makes it unique and original.
Every room has a private bathroom, internal or external, and all comforts you need for a delightful stay.
The B&B is run by the owner Luca and his family that has a long experience in friendly welcoming and hosting tourists in a highly professional way. They put you at your ease passing you the passion for the place they live in and telling you about the infinite variety of possibilities that Palermo offers.

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